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Reviews for "Panda Eyes X Barely Alive X Virtual Riot - Triforce"

You fell into the mediocre section of dubstep songs with this one, guys.

Just a very generic beginning, that sounds broken tbh. The buildup sounds like you looked up “generic dubstep buildup” on google and pasted an audio clip into the song.

I don’t really have a problem with the first drop, it just doesn’t really sound great exploding out of an uplifting buildup. It’s also kinda quiet. :/

Then you essentially copy paste the entire previous part and add some minimal changes.

Once again, not a bad drop, not a great drop. Better bass tbh tho.

Then you have a nice quiet part which I have to admit, works very well with the song.

Then, yet another copy pasted part.

The third drop is the best one by a long shot. Instead of copy pasting the same bass over and over again, you vary it to create an excellent drop. Still quiet tho.

Overall, there are to many things to work on here for me to call it anything more than mediocre. Ah well.

Also, don’t take this as hate, I’m just sharing my opinion on the internet. Hopefully I don’t get arrested or something.

Put 3 of some of the most recognized names of dubstep and you have high hopes. This came off bland and generic, and was quite appalling to listen to. While it isn't quite crap teir, this most certainly isn't a song I want to remember any of you guys made.

Sorry for coming off rude, however this is my review and this is my thoughts on the song, and for those who like it, I'm glad, however there is a lot (imo) to be improved on.

My favorite part of the song is the buildup. It's very uplifting. The drop is just a little too dark. I also like the vocals :)

Good dubstep bro! I like it.

I really love this music, speciallt he vocals, but I have another question : Why not posting Antipixel ?