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Reviews for "Tokyo Takedown"

Boomkitty, I've listened to a few of your songs. This song is pretty good. The only problem I have with this song is it feels very empty. I don't like it when songs feel empty. Obviously you have a lot of big software so you're all good with writing awesome music. I don't have the greatest software so it takes me a long time to make something sound really cool. But I wish this song had more of a feeling to it.
In my opinion, this reminded me more of China, but I'll leave that up to you. I do think the drop was also too empty. But the ending of this song was good. I could definitely tell this was you by the drums in the beginning. But overall, this song is not bad. But it definitely is not at it's full potential


This is your best song in quite a while in my opinion, I like that you stepped away from the arabic theme (even though this song still has more arabic vibes than asian vibes, ignoring the sfx).

This song is literally amazing. That's all I can say