Reviews for "Another Day"


I love this series! The animation and the sound make it awesome! I like the art style alot, as you can tell.


This thing is the cutest thing i've seen today!! awww i love it!! It's so sweet and inocent!! I hope to see more of your work soon! Keep it up and good luck!

Lovet it...

I really loved it...everything, the music, the graphics, the story...don't ask me why....

By the way, whats the song called?

Idk what it is about this...

But it gives me a weird feeling, a good one not bad. This is making me want to see the rest.

I actually really like this!

I like the simplicity and the style of art you have done. It's really great!
The music also fits in quite well with the animation - it's really neat!
Well done! Keep it up!