Reviews for "Another Day"

This is just beautiful .

Yes, I am not going to regret the least bit, making your videos my first 5 videos of the day to review man . Your videos, and songs are just so amazingly true . How you even make the video jump like a whole new way to make a video. I don't think I ever seen a video jump like this. It's just eccentric, beautiful, and just flat out perfect . People could learn from you, the embodied emotions a human bares . You always choose the greatest music, you always come up with amazing ideas . I really enjoy these series, truely do . Keep them coming .
- EW - (<-- Seriously the best abbreviation in history)

An Exodus

At first this wasn't easy to look but this series has a naive touch an a friendly atmosphere that emocionaly touch me. Besides all that i think of this as an artistic visual experience, because its takes a lot to touch me, as this series has done with so little.

i almost cryed

its so happy the music made me think about memories of the past my eyes r watering 20/20


Basic, yet really cool. These flash animations make me feel calm... :) well done.

Idk what it is about this...

But it gives me a weird feeling, a good one not bad. This is making me want to see the rest.