Reviews for "Another Day"

I love this series.

Just two things I have always wondered. How do you make them do that thing where where nothing DOESN'T move and what are there genders? Keep up the good work.

It was oddly hypnotic.

First of all, great work. The style was very original and... moving... the music was great too. It's nice to see something that isn't about sex or violence for once.

i love this series

this series is awesome they're all good and i just love the odd style that you use...theres no sound just the awesome music and u don't really need sound the story tells itself...just pure awesomeness...and oh yah i gave u a 1 in violence because you killed the poor little fishy T.T


that was cute! i love the animation thats really cool and few people can pull it off, you did great ;) bunnies cute im going to watch the rest of them now

Short, but good

Very nice and interesting. Not perfect, but cool! I love the series and I think its also very interesting.