Reviews for "Another Day"

well,,,, its very Poor, like the Graphics, tho

Well,,,, its pretty much a guy catching a fish, cocking it, and eating it,,, the Story Sucks,, but I really Like the Graphics,, the way it was Made is very good, and good Sound too, but thats All.


Well i do feel a little dizzy with all the shaking going around...felt kinda like watching a rabit through some sort of Acid goggles. Was nice though, love the song for it.

Decent piece of work

Nice and simple, non violent (except what happened to that fish, oh god, how in humain)! Not bad, simple and fun. Thats it.

two thumbs up

it was odd... but yet, very cool, keep it coming

I liked it

It is cool, every AD is great, i like the style, you are one of my fovorite authors.