Reviews for "endK - Space Lasagna"

Whew man that is one hot track. This is right on par with some of the best stuff I have heard in games I have played. Picture ripping through a zone in sonic or something to this for just a moment. It is easy to see why this took first place for sure.

endKmusic responds:

Thanks for the compliments man, I'm really glad you dig it.
Really worked hard on this one and seeing comments like this makes me feel it was worth it.
Cheers! <3

I was just looking around on the front page of Newgrounds in the music popular music section, and I was being sorely disappointed with 5 of the six songs I listend to so far, and I come across this and this was amazing! I rate this a 10/10, hearing that this is something new for you gives me very high opinion of you. I don;t see too many great pieces like this. I would do your social media, except do social media, but do expect a subscribe on your YouTube and anything else I can do. You deserved first place, keep doing music!

endKmusic responds:

That's a huge compliment!
Thanks for the review and the support.
Moar stuff on the way. ;D

Gratz on the first place finish! I like the funky vibe at the beginning and the melodic content shortly thereafter. Your style still reminds me of Johnfn, which can only be a good thing. The transitory fill at :56 was great. I also really like how the bass is really exposed at 1:25. The brass fits into the texture really well, and indeed sounds quite musical with the humanization. There are a lot of different solos throughout the piece, which makes the piece feel like a jazz piece structurally despite the synthetic elements. My main complaint is that some of the elements of the texture didn't quite come through like I wanted them too. The electric bass seems to have a really cool line at around 2:40, but I can't quite pick out the notes with my headphones. This might well be a reflection of my headphones more than anything else, but regardless I the final chorus as an appropriate time to turn up the bass. :) Overall fantastic work, though. A well-deserved first place. Keep it up, EndK!

endKmusic responds:

Hey TL! :D
First of all thanks for the review, really grateful for every review of yours.
1:25 part was actually my favorite, since I introduced another more of a high-mids bass that's stereo separated, and it was more like a game of playful patterns at that point, that's why it sounds exposed I guess.
2:40 part was actually the same as the 0:59 I think oO. Maybe it sounds a little bit more muddy than the other sections cause I left some lows on brass section.
Much luvz once more! <3

That swingish tasty combo deserved 1st place 😁

endKmusic responds: