Reviews for "Virtual Cow Tipping"


Oh that was funny my friend you get a 3 from me. good job i found nothing wrong with this movie and that gets points in itself.

Pico17 responds:

Thanks bro, I'll make this better, and I hope you judge as fairly on that as you did on this. Rock on!


next movie: virtual paint chip eating!

Pico17 responds:

good idea

Boring and pointless.

This seems like some hillbilly training video.

Cledus's tips on how knot ta get skrunched by the moo-cows. Two Thumbs way down for this clunker.

Pico17 responds:

If you want a Hill Billy training video, I'll make one. A "Tip" on cow tipping (whoa, what a good one!) you have to take your head out of your ass to successfully tip a cow dumbass.


Not much of a game, the interactivity is just pushing a button to watch a cow being pushed. Quite original, but a bit dumb. Try harder next time. :)

Pico17 responds:

Thanks 4 the originality comment. I'll just sit here with my chocolate milk and make this game better now.

Sorta liked it

I'm in a good mood so I gave you a reasonably high vote, but this movie is pretty bad.