Reviews for "Virtual Cow Tipping"

this really did suck

a nice concept, but dude, think about it more next time. i have to agree with stuartmitchell, there is no fun or skill involved with pushing a little button that say "tip". overall, it just plain was shitty

Undescribably Crap...

> Bad Graphics
> Theres nothing fun about pressing a "Tip" button
> Overall, the worst load of pish ive seen

Grilling Over.

wow...that really sucked!

made me laugh tho


very bad, keep trying but, oh fix bomb defuser..now it's bad too.


Notbad, could use more levels with abit more to do, maybe make some backrounds on contact meaning that when tipped a backround may apear with some strange scene hehe, anyways nice game...