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Reviews for "Knife In My Hand"


This song is more metal than the anti-emo song. That one sounds more hardcore. Again, I like the vocals, but I think all the instruments need to be louder. Especially the drums. Keep on keepin' on.


It's a kickass and heavy song! The vocals are just great, you managed to record very good growls in the intro.

The drums and guitars are played good, too. The riffs are heavy and the whole song makes me wanna headbang instantly! :D


You did a great job on the guitar and everything. Your low/grunt voice is great, but make sure for screaming and such that your not killing your voice. You can REALLY screw up your voice permanently if you do it wrong. Look up the Zen of Screaming (i believe thats the name). Its a video that instructs on the proper use of screaming :) Hate to see talented people f'ck up their voice for good :p. anyway, overall I loved it. If you dont have a band + record label, i would try to find a company/people that could hook you up. You have some great talent, dont waste it!

CWN responds:

I've been screaming like that for quite a while now, and I have no problems whatsoever with my voice. I've had numerous live performances with my former band... etc. etc. etc.
I know how to scream. But thanks for the advice! :D
And thanks for the review! :D


fucking metal yeah


Loved the intro. Simply amazing as all your songs!