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Reviews for "Knife In My Hand"

awesome heavy stuff

shheshh you rock

wow dude this 1 has vocals

dude this song is kool

if anyone knows of a band called NILE the singer at 1 point sounds a lot like karl sanders from NILE
4/5 for this 1


It sounds like dethklock, slipknot and pantera having a jam session. KICK ASS!

CWN responds:



This song is more metal than the anti-emo song. That one sounds more hardcore. Again, I like the vocals, but I think all the instruments need to be louder. Especially the drums. Keep on keepin' on.


i ment that in a good way but this is kick ass man i mean this deserves an award

CWN responds:

Thx man!
Although you haven't voted for it yet.. Still says 60 votes .. :P