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Reviews for "Knife In My Hand"

pretty sweet

pretty sweet riffs. vocals in beginning sorta sound like the lead singer from illdisposed (forget his name) then leter on in the song slowly sounded like that dude from hatebreed then sounded like idk i guess sounded like you lol. anyway nice work


just how i like it nice and brutal!!! do you do vocals? if you do ur awesome. i like the brutal ass vocals in the begining. good song man.


cool guitar and but i didnt particularly like the normal vocals.


Don't know why I reviewed this earlier but I'm glad I'm doing it now! Very nice vox and structure! Very good stuff man. Only thing I didn't like were the drums. The are drowning too much in the mix. Especially the kick drum is very weak. But apart from that, kick ass song! Le 5'd! :D


Oh yeah!

That's great! But the voices are a little gay...