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Reviews for "Biker Chick"

Super unique game idea! I had to refresh the game to get to see the controls again since I didn't get it the first time. I think the main part I found difficult was that the ground being too uniform made it hard to see if I was moving/where I was going.

I wonder if an alternate camera scheme would make this a lot easier, like one centered/always looking at the yolk, and just kind of rotates around it to keep you in view.

Once I got the hang of it it was fun to grab yolk and switch from 3rd to 1st person and shoot at the egg!

I also love that you tagged this "educational" 😅

3p0ch responds:

People gotta know what it's like to be a biker chick!

Edit: After playing around some more with camera placement outside the egg, it looked like having it fixed in one spot outside the egg and following the chick worked the best. So now that's what Right Mouse Button does. Thanks for the feedback!