Reviews for "Mr. Fingers and his Dazzling Dreamboat"

I just love the way Salad Fingers was stylized in this. He kind of looks cute haha-

This had me smiling. I just imagined the two just talking and the glass mother is still inside the box just like "CAN I HAVE SOME SONNY BOY?!" I'm laughing way too hard.

nice work dude

cecameron responds:


Very nice

So this was cool and I will say congrats on the frontpage award this was well deserved you did an amazing job on the animation the character and backround was pretty decent I thaught so very nice work indeed you have some really good talent glad to see you getting awards for it

Awsome piece here no changes needed.


cecameron responds:

Thank you!

You know what I see?
Two find men on a stroll, waiting to break the hearts of so many ladies.