Reviews for "Flow [Dubstep]"

Not bad. The only thing I don’t like is that this song starts from drop. But it’s still a nice one.
And please, rate this track.
I worked really hard on it. But no one listens it, so there’s only one mark, which is zero(((.
I’m really sorry for spamming.

Why don't make a Remix Album?!

This is not a typical dubstep song. It's great that you tried to make it sound more original than most dubstep. I'd really like to hear more music like this from you. When making a dubstep song, I advise you to avoid the general structure, which is:

Intro , Build-up, Drop, Dubstep, Post-Dubstep, Build-up, Drop, Dubstep, Post -Dubstep, Outro

But still, I think you need to work on the dynamics.

404 Dynamics not found :D

You have some great ideas here but your mixing really lets you down. Your mix comes off as thin and you have little room to breath dynamics-wise. Still, I enjoyed what I heard and hope to hear more in the future.