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Reviews for "Geoplex - Singularity"

This is really cool.

Geoplex responds:

Hey! Thanks Matt! <3

I like the pensive piano at the beginning and the atmosphere. Has a really bright and dreamy sound to it. Excellent sense of climax starting at around :45. The more synthetic elements that come in at :58 suit the progression well. The drop at 1:25 is good, and I like the melodic elements going on in the background. That said, I think the instrumentation during the drop is very similar to a lot of your other work, notably "Chimera". One thing that's particularly impressive about this is the production quality. Everything is crystal clear in the mix, yet still feels really full, atmospheric, and well-balanced. Great job with making this piece both upbeat and energetic, too. Overall I like it a lot. Keep up the good work!

Geoplex responds:

Hey man! Really appreciate the detailed review :)
Regarding the instrumentation, you may be more correct in your observation there than you know, because I think I've had a problem with overusing similar kinds of leads for 4 or 5 years tbh :p I need people to point it out or I may never stop lmao

I spent an ungodly amount of time on the mix of this one, so glad to hear it shows.

Thanks for the feedback!

Respect man, you'll definitely keep growing and being, like you've always been, an excellent musician :)

Geoplex responds:

Thanks man <3 I hope to improve a lot from here

Its perfect though i wish it was longer.

Geoplex responds:

I feel you there. I recalled a number of comments saying Resplendent's first chorus was too long/boring, so I thought I'd make a shorter song and see what happened. Plus, i can't open this project file without setting fire to my computer lmao. So I had to call it either way.

Glad you like it though :D

Excellent work, Geoplex.
I definitely like the crisp and clear sound.
Every instrument stands well in the track.
Wish I could mix and master tracks like that.

And melody-wise, the song is fabulous!

Geoplex responds:

Glad to hear - I do think this represents my best mix to date. Thanks :)