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Reviews for "Strange Encounters"

This sounds like what I would put hear when thinking of someone who just started a journey around the world. Seeing new places, and meeting new people.

I really liked this work.

This piece made me kinda sad, like the ending of an anime I just watched, or when your favorite character dies in a book. It feels like the ending of something.


"The End?"


That's some nostalgic music you brought us here, personally I like when you do produce that kind of music.
Keep making music you like to create when you feel inspired, it always end up being really good, we often forget that the calmer ones also exist and here, you remind us that it's not about the loud bass and other stuff.
As always, thanks for your hardwork ! ( /•◡•) /

😱 you has make a very good song
I can make a one list for make me sleeping
This song so sad and beautiful
I can set this song swap with gd[menu.loop] because this so goooooooood
Nine text can say this song