Reviews for "Mega Man X"

i love X

nice looks awesome
i don't like the boxers of the first one and the face of the second one looks odd
but i don't care awesome

That's tight

I dont care how old it is, it still looks pretty good.


As a true Mega Man X fan I totally agree with this drawing. X 4 life!

Good ol' Egoraptor

You're multi-talented man. You've got the lmaofactor in your animations and you've got the more serious side "art factor." What i find is good is that you put them together and create something hilarious lol. In this pic of the different stages of Mega man you show that artistic seriousness we dont really see. Apart from that its just awesome anyway haha. Nice one man, im a big fan


awesome job, megaman awesome or megamanXawesome would probably look awesome