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Reviews for "Obsidian"

This artist has very good art often

cool this is what awesome art is

Oh wait... they actually did a Obsidian character in the show? Not the biggest fan of SU because a few mates of mine Meme the crap out of me with references and Etc. been debating to give it another shot since It looks like the story got really intresting, need to make some time.

Well back to the art, Since I haven't seen SU in awhile cant really say what Original obsidian looks like, but this looks badass, since Obsidian is basicly a Glass like stone from extinguished lava the colors is a excellent. Over all badass design. Sorry for the long as comment, nicely done here mate

mikestration responds:

Thank you for the comment!! Try to check the last episode she appears in that one, it's a pretty good concept!

i think this looks better then the obsidion from the actual episode. this is amazing!

mikestration responds:

Dawwwww!! Thank you so much!!! <3

Looks like a female version of Kaela Mensha Khaine. Maybe I should start watching SU again, seems like shit is finally actually happening on that show.

mikestration responds:

I think SU has a lot of problems in terms of finding a good balance between "slice of life" and "battle against evil dictatorships". That's a real problem mood wise, and when stuff happens plot wise it just feels anti climatic. Still the core, designs and general themes are still what makes me go back, check out these last few eps.