Reviews for "Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep + Dex Arson - Rampage [ Mashup ]"

Nice work, Dex! ;)


Shit, I don't know what's better, Marshmello's remix or your remix. The way you two just use the song itself and reshape to make it look like it's brand new is just epic. My favourite part would mostly be :53, where you just stack the vocals AND the growls all together, that's just pure eargasm. And although this song is pretty great, I just have one problem with it, I just don't feel the beginning was going all smoothly. Other than that, this is just awesome.

Great! I'm so happy you uploaded it.
Also an information for you guys... This was the original Rampage version. The rampage you know is an instrumental of this ;)

OOOHHHHH CRAAAAAAP!!! it dropped harder then soul snatcher in my opinion. this is sick Dex, keep it up. :D