Reviews for "Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep + Dex Arson - Rampage [ Mashup ]"

Oh worm? Did you get the rights to it finally or did you just upload as a bootleg? But I do like it. There seems to be some issues in the mix with the vocals but that's a hardly noticeable thing. It would have been nice to have included some aspects of the original track in the drop but in the meantime I like what you did with that dubstep. Loving the sound design! I also feel like this track was better on it's own as 'Rampage' without the vocals due to the slowed nature of them but respect for remixing it!

He... No se, pero el DJ Alan Walker desde que descubrí que no hacía su música si no que se lo hacia un Ghost Producer he estado despreciando al supuesto DJ. TÚ, Dex Arson, no eres mal DJ, pero no manches tu imagen y la de la música NG, que es calidad, lo siento si no es de tu agrado mi puntuación :/

Holy hell Dex! Never fails to amaze me

overall this song is good, however it is generic for me, and there is not much energy but good work, bro :D

It started off really great but at these time frames, 01:05 - 02:11; 02:51 - 03:56. These parts sound just like 80% of the other dubstep songs and lost its uniqueness.