Reviews for "Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep + Dex Arson - Rampage [ Mashup ]"


I love this song. That great drop from Rampage is here again and that great dubstep too. I just feel like listening to this is more or less the same as listening to the original Rampage, the only difference being a few nice vocals. I think you should've added a couple more things from Sing Me to Sleep into this to make it more of a mashup and stop your Rampage sounds from...rampaging or dominating the new sounds you put in.

That's just my opinion.

I hear this in gd after i heard this i go here in newground then i rate 4 and i download this... the best remix Dex


Oh worm? Did you get the rights to it finally or did you just upload as a bootleg? But I do like it. There seems to be some issues in the mix with the vocals but that's a hardly noticeable thing. It would have been nice to have included some aspects of the original track in the drop but in the meantime I like what you did with that dubstep. Loving the sound design! I also feel like this track was better on it's own as 'Rampage' without the vocals due to the slowed nature of them but respect for remixing it!