Reviews for "{Dreams N Nightmares]"


This track is really well done.

There just seems to be some arrangement and perhaps patch issues. The tuba im guessing at the beginning doesnt really blend with double basses on a few notes. I dont know if this was intentional or not.

Your melodies and the way they fit together are great.

If definably downloading this.

Keep it up!

BritZombie responds:

Wow cheers mate. Ill be honest it wernt intentional but it was best i could do

I worked hard on this, shame only 2 downloads maybe ill get few more

Hi there!

Sorry for the delay, but well, i'm here, now.

Let's begin, then.

Despite of Bosa's review, i think the samples are good. Not the best, of course, but it's good.

There is something bothering me at the beginning. It's about the way you get from the cello to the piano. It's bit random. It would have been better to:
-either making fade-out the cello.
-either finishing the melody, then continue with the piano.

The piano medley is nice, but the strings are a bit loud. However, the cellos in the background are at a right volume.

After that, at the third part, some notes seem to be out of place. The rythm seems more constant thanks to the drum roll, though.

Well, i think that's all. My advices: work a bit more on the mastering, be careful to put carefully the notes. Also, beware of the way you get from a part to another. And at last, last advice , not music related, better change your profile. No offence, but "i hate [put long list here]," and "profession, male prostitute" doesn't give any desire to even go to your audio page and i mean it.

Hope i helped, you're getting near, now! You won a 4 from me.

BritZombie responds:

Well i've picked up spme helpfull tips for my next piece from you. the profile is a giant bit of irony and sarcasam and i think ill just leave that.


Cool song

Just two things:

The bridge at the beginning to the "dream" part is a bit too fast.
The aprupt ending was also unexpected but that was already mentioned before ;)

It would be nice if you could upload a second version :)

keep it up!

BritZombie responds:

Yeah I think i must upload a 2nd one if the future....

Thanks for review!

There is good

I really liked the beginning with the tuba and the basses. Kind of like a weird creepy sound.

The next part with the strings and piano was really beautiful. What were you using to make this. Some of those samples are great.

Unfortunately the transition between the beginning and end were to sudden. Try and stitch them together better.