Reviews for "{Dreams N Nightmares]"

Uh oh, friend

Sigh.. I fear the zero voters will be here soon. I will help you the best I can, but I'm afraid it will not be enough.

I've heard better samples, but that piano and string melody is great. With them both mixing together, it brings back many magical memories. It gives me much to think about. Friend, you have a talent when it comes to repetetive, yet great compositions.

I must now say that I've just noticed how that piano is going. I'm quite intrigued on how you've managed to do this. I think I've been swept away from your music. Perhaps make another thing like this, but leave out the nightmare side. I would like to hear something from you with a softer, and more dreamy side like the first piano slides.

I'm giving you a five to protect you from the zero voters. I am fond of your music, friend, and I shall be back frequently to check on you and your music.

An Ally,

BritZombie responds:

Prehaps ill try the dream stlye more thanks for the comments. mate.

Please PM me to tell me why Id get zero votes, i really tried hard with this and im glad you noticed

Dunno why id get voted 0, and ill be sure to review you


The only part of this that I find hard to swallow is the abrupt stop of the tubas. Mabye if you could fade them out the piece would be perfect.

The strings start off very beautiful, but it quickly turns to an air of menace and the ending drums have a military feel to it. Far more enjoyable than what I hear on classical FM. :)

BritZombie responds:

Yeah the abrupt end was a stupid mistake, navj noticed it too.

Glad you enjoyed it my far right friend ,im gonna do a couple more classical tracks


I really like a bunch of things here.

I liked the piano a lot. It sounds really nice and peaceful.

The strings were also nice.

I didn't like how the first section ended so abruptly. There was no falling time.

I also didn't like the lack of counter melody. There seemed to be a single melody going on over and over.

Well, it was a good song, much better than the best classical I could make. Keep it up!

BritZombie responds:

Thanks, Yeah the melody was a bit repititve. Its all stuff to remeber for my next track

Cheers for the review!


This track is really well done.

There just seems to be some arrangement and perhaps patch issues. The tuba im guessing at the beginning doesnt really blend with double basses on a few notes. I dont know if this was intentional or not.

Your melodies and the way they fit together are great.

If definably downloading this.

Keep it up!

BritZombie responds:

Wow cheers mate. Ill be honest it wernt intentional but it was best i could do

I worked hard on this, shame only 2 downloads maybe ill get few more