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Reviews for "SWEARBEAR theme animation"

that was such a clean run movie

that wuz funny man, i mean REALLY funny. U know were u said about u created 1 that cant b on TV? I think ur dead right(wot a shame)


h huhuhuhuh. that was cool huhuhuhuh - butthead

hmhmehhehemhhmehhe cool mhhmhmheheehehmhm - beavis

fuckin brill mate!

its totally groovy! i loved all of it good work keep it up!!!!!!

it wuz soooooooo funyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

his dick wuz like2feet long. her boobs were like plaster. oh yea good graphics.beer bare shoulda thrown up from all the beer tho...

verry funnygood job and make more with dick bear
sincerly billy bob hortin and bob the janitor