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Reviews for "SWEARBEAR theme animation"

Very catchy , i find myself humming the song often

I really like this animation, I think its the best of the contest enries , the character design of the swear bears is excellent. The back grounds are a bit monochromatic, and flat (that might have been intentional?) , and some of the animation sequences are non-inconsistant with the rest, but over all its a really good piece. I see a bit of Bill Wray influence , maybe thats why it appealed to me so much. keep up the good work !


^^Good Points^^
This was definitely a unique movie. I've never really seen anything I could compare to it. It was sick yet hilarious to see these bears with such human problems like drug addiction, sluttyness, and of course waving dicks around in the air. The animations were very good; great sense of perspective and lighting.

^^Needs Improving^^
Everything in the graphics could have been a little cleaner. From frame to frame things waver a little bit to make it look a little less smooth and realistic. Though I guess this isn't a realistic movie.




That was pretty cool.

very good

i want to buy one of those for myself. Great job