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Reviews for "SWEARBEAR theme animation"


maybe some of the nudity should be taken out and other than that it is not bad.

Heroin bear made me laugh

Good frame by frame animation. The heroin bear made me chuckle. I love the way his eyes were bloodshot and he was in a dark alley with a shaky arm. He did that while managing to look o-so-cute!

reviewer below me

you used to have a teddy bear that swore? and had a really long penis? wow some childhood...


the only reason i liked this animation was because it brought me back to my childhood for some reason

I think you missed the point.

Don't get me wrong. This animation WAS good, but you missed the point. You see, it's in the Swearbear Collection but there wasn't the large quantity of extreme swearwords thyat made it "Swearbear". It had a lot of sexual themes, one of them was doing drugs, and the bear that vomited blood was very adult, but there wasn't much swearing. If you could add more swearing in a sequel, I'd appreciate that.

On a lighter note, I loved the song and the animation was good., and the farting bear was funny. I say it's worth 6/10. It was decent, but missed some key things that stopped it from being a Swearbear cartoon. Good job with the song!