Reviews for "Audrey II Replica"

Looks amazing!

I saw this on the front page and I said 'Huh, kinda looks like Audrey II.' clicked it and surely enough it was. My school does a yearly musical, which I am a part of, and this years is in fact 'Little Shop of Horrors'. We have just begun making the Audrey II's. If the director allows me to take pictures of it I will send them to you if you want to see them. PM if you would like to see the finished results.

Kalapusa responds:

Absolutely! I've done a few (this one is technically my fourth) so because of all the research I always love seeing other people's interpretations of her. And thank you!

lol a nudda little shop of horrers sculpture

that was my favorite play and a good movie too. to know tht some oe else remembers it too is reassuring lol great details.

Fantastic job!

This is truly awesome...ilikes those red dots thtat are on the edge of the leaves to give away the fantasy look...:D


Your sculptures are excellent. Your attention to detail is superb and it is painted very well. It also looks like the flower has a little kissy face haha. I'd probably kiss it but you wouldn't like that, would you?