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Reviews for "buckshot episode 1"

More Buckshot!

Come on, you give Perverto enough attention, what about Buckshot? Work on making this a full game...

haha sorry but Christina looks like Courtny Love...

scrotum is da shiznit!!!!!!

that was a really cool movie, The appearance of Scrotum was well planned.

Go Buckshot! Go Buckshot!

He he he... Buckshot rules bigtime, killing Christina...
But, but, butt! (Oops, attempted to be funny...) She could at least TRY to defend herself! Oh well, she died, that's all that matters.


Ya, this was... different. At first, I loved it, but it got old extremely quick. Maybe if you made a new one were we get to go the controling of the guy, and get to beat the crap out of her. Just an idea.


I liked the unfairness of it all for her.