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Reviews for "buckshot episode 1"


May I remind everyone that it is stated, within the rules of Newgrounds, our lovely site and home-away-from-home, that you will not and shall not write a review just to respond to another person's review. You are reviewing this movie and not other people's opinions. We, as members of this site, are meant to serve as critics to our own work and submissions, and not to judge others. If you have something to address with an individual, send them a message instead of settling it here. Come on, atleast try to cover up that immaturity of yours.

Now.... about this video type thing. I don't really get it, but I didn't get any joy out of harming Christina or the puppy. Also, there have been many other ways of terminating creatures used in the past that were better then these. Next time, let history teach you what's really cruel and what isn't.


thre was no violence except a little blood , c,mon i get more blood when i gall on the ground

Who Gives a Fuck

What the kids think. If you think that this is bad you should pay attention to the things kids are watching now, TV is 100% more evil than anything that Newgrounds could do. Besides that if a kid wants to see something bloody and nasty then there are too many ways that the kid can see it. So don't fucking whine you damn hippy, nobody gives a fuck.

Not Good For Kids

I don't think kids should watch this and you may think,but kids are not allowed on this website.Kids won't go on this website right?WRONG!Don't you think that kids are suspicous?Well.all im saying is to find a good way to keep kids off.PLEASE.Thank you.Im not rying to be mean and i am very sorry but i think you should pay attention to things like this.=]


wasn't it a little unfair lik make the duumbest weapon for an if she chooses that one buckshot dies