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Reviews for "buckshot episode 1"


I don't know if Buckshot was ever made beyond this entry, but I hope so as igt seems like it could make an interesting little game. Was great to see a little Scrotum the Puppy cameo, and the animation was decent enough. Saw the Perverto easter egg in the background, and whilst I'm not a fan of the series, it's good that you put it in there for the people who are. Good job.

Revive Buckshot

i was on NG during the 2000 and i have this 2 say "Buckshot and Perverto r STILL hot plzz bring them back or at least put them in game like Castle Crashers and Alein Hominid" thank you 4 ur time

i was gonna give you 10

i was gonna give u 10/10 until you killed the dog and u need more ways to kill her


Just wish I could kill christina in more than 3 ways.

Naked people

what was with the naked people.this game is fun i guess but need's more weapons and it would be nice to pick the people w ewant to kill