Reviews for "Bubble Trouble"

Beautifully Done

I must say, this a great remake. I noticed people complaining that it is 'too simple', but sometimes simple is better. Of course, those people are the same ones who get frustrated with 'simple' games when they can't make it past the second level.


this game is awesome, its so addicting too. i really suck at it, i could only get to level 7, but damn. i agree with the guy before me, only i gave violence a zero, i liked the intro music. it was kinda funny, the whole cat with sunglasses thing, maybe. verygood job and keep up the good work. and you defintntly need a pause button. or at least a pause where you can press a button to continue after a lost life or a level.

Go miniclip.com!!!

The games really good, but you should mainly go to www.miniclip.com and downloa the game if u like it... -Justin, Slash808's demented little bro


no u did steal this idea cause i have a playsatation1 game exataly like it its not called bubble trouble though i loved this game though!


Nice game... It's like Pang... good job!