Reviews for "Bubble Trouble"

just fine

It is a really god game but has some details to improve, PAUSE BOTTON please!!!! it is sad when you have to check mail or something and lose the game. and have to start over again =(

Very fun and challenging

theres a good ammount of challenge to this game. It is a very fun game and keeps you excited throughout.

This is MiniClip

It was interesting to hear exactly how MiniClip works as all these submissions could not possibly be made by the same person. One high factor is how well the gameplay, particulary how simple. It is especially fun to see it get harder as it goes on. The best strategy is probably to just hit one part and then keep going to one side down to the last part. I appreciate being able to hold up a thing for awhile if you do not hit anything. The protagonist looks good, even though I am not sure what his design has to do with the game.


its ok for a few levels but then its just boring


I remember his game i used to play it with my friends :D