Reviews for "Hyperdestructive"


That was really funny and very cool! keep going and posting things liek this =P

pretty awesome

it's only pretty awesome not godly... but it's getting there

Holy crap

That's one fucking techno groove you got there!! I'm not the one to swear, unless it's completely amazing.

-I loved it! It's like a sonic song with steroids XD

I'm not like most reviewers.. some think ( FAST FAST FAST IT'S GOTTA CHANGE)
You took a melody and did what many old artists in classical music did... What did Tchaikovsky do? He took a melody and made variations on that melody. You did a pretty damn good job of doing that. You even took the same melody and created a leaning phrase. You dropped a chord and moved it back up. Many classical artists strive to do this.

5/5 10/10

Plus it wasn't grainy

nice badass song I vote 5

a bullet hell styled game this would be perfect music for, or a mach speed run-and-gun.
just keeps going and going like the energizer bunny on crazy meth 8D.good stuff bro.