Reviews for "Hyperdestructive"

This is one of the best I've heard on Newgrounds

This was a great song to listen to. It had a great variety of differnent sounds and patterns. Sounds very complex, I love the solo in it. This is definitly a sick song. Nice job! I've listened to it about four times already. haha.

Upbeat and Fun

Very nice. I love how upbeat and energetic it is. I'm definately going to check out your work.

Great Work

Great song, well written, and you got some great synths in there. I shall definitely be running and gaming to this, i have all your other stuff on my mp3 player as well!

love it

feel like the first solo is a bit awkward but then i kinda like that. I'd like to see u do more with the high hat tho. Everything else is pure nighthawk.

Awsome and Hyper

The solos in the middle are Hyper and destructive but it lacks something....