Reviews for "Hyperdestructive"


I can imagine a big fight going on to this! But I actually think it gets better towards the end. I now it kinda lost its rhythm there but I pretty sure you did that on purpose, because it actually makes it sound a lot like a fight which is the sound I think you were going for. Right? Cause it is called HYPERDESTRUCTIVE. So I my mind this is one of the greatest songs on Newgrounds. Now if someone would use this in a amazing fight scene... :) Respect!

so so

i agree with meonly70. around 1:22 it kinda just doesn't sound right. the moment is kinda gone til it's over. not saying it sucks, i couldn't make music with a computer to save my life.

Not so much

What was I just hearing? A Perfectly well song that kept getting worse and worse. I honestly think it is very well put together and has a brilliant beat to it, but around 1:22 a lot of things happening with that beat are wrong. It has its goods and bads, but it pretty much ruins the feel for a few seconds... and the other beat gets repetititititve, I mean its nice and all, but damn, the verses you have in there are just wrong.

Its still a very well song, better than any of my work x9999999999999.

I don't much like Techno or Trance all THAT much.


How does Captain Murphy put it...?

"It's like a Koala crapped a rainbow in my brain"

This song is hella bad. keep it up!


sounds just like dimrain47 a lot... but still 5/5 11/10