Reviews for "Hyperdestructive"


OMG! i was up all last night listining to this!!!! AMAZING! keep it up! 5/5 10/10


this would be a pretty god song for DDR

Good to fight with!!!

Some how reminds me of street fighter when i was youger ..... thank or a blast 2 the past... anyways great work sounds like u took ur time!!

Holy crap

That's one fucking techno groove you got there!! I'm not the one to swear, unless it's completely amazing.

-I loved it! It's like a sonic song with steroids XD

I'm not like most reviewers.. some think ( FAST FAST FAST IT'S GOTTA CHANGE)
You took a melody and did what many old artists in classical music did... What did Tchaikovsky do? He took a melody and made variations on that melody. You did a pretty damn good job of doing that. You even took the same melody and created a leaning phrase. You dropped a chord and moved it back up. Many classical artists strive to do this.

5/5 10/10

Plus it wasn't grainy

its good, i like!

its good nothing too improve BUT, wat meonly70 was saying is true, just cut that shit from 1:22 and it s the best song i've heard for a while.