Reviews for "Hyperdestructive"

love it

feel like the first solo is a bit awkward but then i kinda like that. I'd like to see u do more with the high hat tho. Everything else is pure nighthawk.


It was very enjoyable i liked the atmospheric 4/4 beat in the background with the main synth.

the solos are a bit crazy and out of control at lots of points it sounds like you literally just got the paint tool and pasted shit loads of notes randomly in loads of places.

if you took the solos out and just made a variation of the main tune this would score a 10. 3 is your loss for the out of control solos


great exercise music love man keep them comming


You get a little too crazy with the synth solos in the middle. It gets a little distracting. You should try adding some more depth to the bass, give it some variety.

HyperActive coolness!

I was looking for music when I created my game and this one is just perfect!