Reviews for "Hyperdestructive"


This song was amazin!!! I really like the background that builds up before transitions. Whoever says you are not original is stupid. It is like saying Mozart copied Bach. Anyway great job!!!

Perfection !

The name says it all. Great techno!


Very Pro sounding. Awesome. I had to hit up a review because I wanted to thank you. For what? Well, I hit up this page and play your music for my kids...It gives them the energy to clean up...hahaha. So thanks for that..and my sister uses some of your tunes in her classes. (personal trainer).

So again, wicked stuff, man.


NightHawk22 responds:

sweet! Thanks, I never would have thought my music would have some practical uses too! Hope my future work inspires your kids just as much!

i can see the demolition now


Stop copying

Yes your copying Dimrain47 to much! please stop it get something of your own.