Reviews for "Dont close your eyes..."

This rocks!!!!!!

Make more like this one dude it totally ownz!
Testament kicks ass!
This movie kicks ass!
the drawings kicks ass!

3L33+ !!

This Movie OWNS!

I love the muisic!! Thanks to you I have a new favorite band!

Great animation!! top quality shit.


w00t i loved it!!!

that thing looked like that monster os Jeepers Creepers!!!
it a phat movie yo!!!
make more!!!
:::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Ev erybody who votes less than 4 dies!!!

Thats a funny movie

HAHAHAHAH LOL his eye get ripped out hahahahhah ROFLMAO!!!!! oh and the song title is DNR

sheer excelence.

This was awesome. The song was kick-ass, great audio and graphics, just my style. Kind of reminds me of most of my dreams.