Reviews for "Dont close your eyes..."

This rocks!!!!!!

Make more like this one dude it totally ownz!
Testament kicks ass!
This movie kicks ass!
the drawings kicks ass!

3L33+ !!

This Movie OWNS!

I love the muisic!! Thanks to you I have a new favorite band!

Great animation!! top quality shit.


This movie rocks and the music it tight

this movie was way deep and ......i just gotta say it`s awsome so i give you props Ted B.

oh my god

Love it dude

and i'm also lovin this unnatural fascination of peoples eyes being riped out of they weak little skulls......i wanna see more............and testament went PERFECT with the video...the cinematography and music together kicked much ass........keep this shit up.......IM me sometime on AIM....my name is the same as on here....i wanna talk to you about an idea i have that you might like and i wanna let you use it.....i think you could definatly make the idea come to life.

sheer excelence.

This was awesome. The song was kick-ass, great audio and graphics, just my style. Kind of reminds me of most of my dreams.