Reviews for "Dont close your eyes..."


Idon't get it

And THAT boys and girls...

...is why you shouldn't lie down on corpses.
Very good work, but I think it's be a lot harder to yank out someone's eyes than that, and it would have been better if you'd made the guy decay, and the same sort of thing happen to another person that plopped himself down on his rotted body..sort of a continuity thing going on, you know?

scapegoat-452 responds:

He FELL over. When the music is actually timed correctly, it makes more sense. Its like he heard something and tumbled over in horror!


WHAT THE HELL!...THIS IS ONLY UR god damn second fucking flash? gotta hand it to ya man..not many ppl can pull off flash this good when its only there second


Thats a funny movie

HAHAHAHAH LOL his eye get ripped out hahahahhah ROFLMAO!!!!! oh and the song title is DNR

w00t i loved it!!!

that thing looked like that monster os Jeepers Creepers!!!
it a phat movie yo!!!
make more!!!
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Ev erybody who votes less than 4 dies!!!