Reviews for "'The Genesis Armada'"

quick! someone get him some mountain due baja blast!! STAT!

Must... Think of... Review idea...... AGH! *Dies from epicness of song before idea comes*

NemesisTheory, You have been my idol ever since i joined this site in 2007. Your BioSeed and Genesis Armada songs Is what caught my attention. I'm glad they did because i now have all of your trance songs downloaded on my PC. I absolutely LOVE your music!! Keep up the work and never give up!! :D

~Your biggest fan Justin Baumgartner, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada! ^-^

AHA! My friend showed me this song a years ago and it has been my favorite song ever since, but we didn't know who it was by. Now I have finally found it! WOOHOO!!!!

this is the first submission of yours ive ever heard. loved it instantly. and its still one of your best works in my opinion.