Reviews for "'The Genesis Armada'"

Well done

It's very upbeat and is very catchy. I like how you palced a break in the song making it more calming and not a constant energy flow.

MORTAL COMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!

thas what the begging reminds me off
but its good i like it :D

One of my long-time favorites.

I heard this song probably 3-4 years ago, and I listened to it almost constantly for a few months. I'd completely forgotten about this song, and now I've found it again. Seeing as how I've never left a review for it, I figure it's only proper to do so now.

The thing I love most about this song is that it's constantly pumped with energy, except in the middle when you break it down before turning back it up even higher than before. I like your choice of synths, and now that I have FL Studio, I can actually pick out what most of them are! I agree with Genesis below me that a remake of this song would be astounding, but if you did decide to make one, I hope you wouldn't change it too much, because I like this, the original, far too much for it to be exceedingly different.

Anyway, as an audiophile, thank you for contributing one of my all-time favorite pieces. You make my audible life that much better. =)


So full of life and sound..

I love all of your work, man. You're really talented. :)


This is so fawking old XD.. anyway.. this song is ONE of the many 'memories' featured in 'A Trip Down Memory Lane' .. very good.. A remake of this with your current skills would be eargasmic.