Reviews for "'The Genesis Armada'"

pure music

It is one of my most favourite pieces of music ever.

I have no words to describe...

How good this is.when i heard it in Climber Vs Dood i knew i just had to look for it here.great work man!great work...

You know that "OMFG! EARGASM"-experience?...

..Yeah, well I just had one of those. I really wasn't expect one of your (seemingly) oldest beats to be this awesome :D I mean... You probably haven't uploaded all your stuff to Newgrounds, so I don't expect you to upload shit, but I did expect a good beat with at least a few notable flaws. I adore this beat. A LOT. WOW<!

this i awesome

it makes me hyper.

What do I comment on?

This entire song is awesome, I don't know what specific parts to highlight. This is just pure, unfiltered, awesomeness!