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Reviews for "Running Blind"

I really dig it. The craziness around 1:48 made me jump around and dance :D

Enzer0 responds:

Excellent! Thats what i like to hear! :)

Hey Enzer0,

Today was my firt time on newgrounds. I scrolled down to music and i found this track. First of all i want to let you know that this is a really awesome track, i really love it!

Also i want to let you know that i think that you have the potential to become great in the future. I know that it's really hard to become a great music producer, Caus'e im trying as well and i'm still far from that as well. Keep making more music, maybe even a soundcloud account and you will become better and better. You should know that this is the place where Fox stevenson started when he was a kid. He got a bit later in contact with luquicity, so when you're really proud of a track you could try to contact them.

I wish you all the best of luck and I can't wait to hear more from you, If you'd like to contact me or hear my music you can visit my soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/tom-alverate

Good luck, see ya!

Enzer0 responds:

Thanks for the kind words! Maybe we will cross paths in future my friend. :)

I've got 3 words (these don't count). THIS. IS. AWESOME!

Can't say I like all the inserted sounds there, but the basic melody, rythm and composition are great

Enzer0 responds:

Thanks! The only way is up I guess

this is nice, I like it.

Enzer0 responds: