Reviews for "Virtual Riot - Show Up Ft Virus Syndicate (Sharks Remix)"

Well.... stylistically, this is absolutely immaculate. I love the aggressiveness of it. The noises in the drops could have used more "crazy party" vibes, but other than that, it's pretty awesome.

Why no stars, though?

Well, I'm not giving you any stars because I want to discourage you, as much as I can, from putting swearing in your music. I'm doing that not just because I find it intolerable (although I do), but instead because I don't want you cramming your head full of awful things. And I know, it's like, "But you're some random guy on NG, why should I care what you have to say?" Well, it doesn't really matter that I'm some random guy on NG, as long as my thoughts and ideas matter. So please, don't put swearing into your music.

Very cool. I love Virtual Riot & you remixes :3

Damn, This remix is so Hot!! Great Job :D