Reviews for "Police Bike"

It's 2018 and still gold. My most favorite feature in this game is sound effects that are lined perfect.

10/10 would play again xD

EDIT : To TomFulp : No prob :D

TomFulp responds:


A part of flash history for sure, loved it as a 10 year old, and still love it now!


This game. Its poorly made, and gets repetitive. But that's its charm. I love this game, just something about it. It just brings a nice, classic feel. Id give it a 5 or a 4. Probably in the middle.

TomFulp responds:

Thanks! Parts of this game hold up pretty well, other parts don't.

Hahahaha thanks Tom. :) Not for this game but like, you responded to that review, even as simple as it is, "Man, I don't know.", it showed me you're just as involved today as you were before. And that is really fucking beautiful man. It's beautiful that you have created a community for people, I actually came to this page through the Newgrounds history page, remembering that this site was a piece of my childhood showed to me by some buddies when i was like, what, fucking 8? I'm 21 now. A part of me is sad that I don't really gain as much entertainment value as when i was first on here, but I know theres thousands of gems I haven't been able to enjoy yet.

There's been plenty of badass stuff I for sure know roams around here, hell I remember when madness 3 was like the most entertaining thing for me to watch. I hope everyone has enjoyed a fruitful experience, and that this is a fulfilling life for you to pursue. Thankyou for being a prodigy of web entertainment even when other game sites fell into a development stall. (Xgen anyone?), anyways, wow. Thankyou for being a part of people's destiny in a way that doesn't demand reimbursement or capital overpriced spending; you've built something truly unique and have attracted some of the most absolutely unique individuals in the fields of artistic vision, Krinkels (whom I admire for grim and nonsensical, borderline autistic lovable carnage), to all the music developers who probably got a good start and loving support by starting here. (uhh, Cheshyre, paragonx9? Idk. More I've downloaded and listened to, even years back i go and just roam the audio port..)

Dude you taught me that websites can exist for the purpose of creation and enjoyment, and now I'm a web dev, not exactly for games but for like commercial landing pages and SEO, but you inspired that. You started that. Thanks. You're awesome man, continue being happy in your life's endeavors.

If you were ever in the Anaheim California area I'd buy you drinks.
Fyi, I figure "reviews on content" are out the window for the moment for this game, not much to say, but since you responded to someone, I knew I could message you here. Thanks again.

TomFulp responds:

Thanks for all the kind words, this was a nice Christmas gift to read :)

Also if you ever have suggestions for the site, feel welcome to PM me!