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Reviews for "shores of hell revisited"

Nice dramatic piece

The melody on the guitar is awesome. There were a couple notes in there I didn't like, but nothing too bad. The effects add an even deeper impact to it that I like.

The percussion is awesome too. This is like a guitar solo with orchestration. All the effects and sounds work so well together. Some good stuff.

The only thing that hurt you is the stereo separation you have going on this one. It sounds like the timpani (or whatever that drum sound is) only comes out the left and the guitar is focused almost entirely on the right. You could say the size of this problem is proportional to the distance of one's speakers, but a lot of us listen to music through headphones and with this much stereo separation, a good song can be ruined.

The beginning and end are really good. I like the buildup of the beginning and the abrupt unpredictability of the end.

I'll drop a five - its a really awesome song but I think it could be a lot better. Still you're bound to get 0 votes so I really don't see the point of voting anywhere between 0 and 4. I see that you haven't posted for a while, so welcome back. You got some skills, I recommend checking out the MAC march/feb. You have a couple weeks to through one or two loops together, I say give it a shot! You can find it in the forums.

Keep up the good work mhb.

mhb responds:

thank you for the very long and insightful review. i agree the "stereo seperation" sounds a bit off, but that's because ll the tracks with sent to a virtual surround speaker so wen you listen to it on a surround sound system you get a really nice effect. especially if you're standin' at the exact focal point of all the speakers.


I really am digging this song. It has a really different sound to it. Actually it sort of reminds me of some kind of movie theme.

Interesting drum line throughout the song. I liked the gong noise that went on. Thats a real nice guitar tone too.

Unfortunately the guitar, I think is too loud at some moments and too quiet at others. Maybe a little less reverb too, it made the mix a little muddy.

The drums start to pick up a bit too which I liked.

I think there could have been more down to the guitar part. Maybe a rhythm guitar underneath the lead guitar to give it that extra sound.

I don't know if there was a bass part to it, it may just have been intertwined so well I didn't notice it, but it would give it an extra sound if it had one.

I'm sorry this has such a low score, more people should check this out, s'good.


mhb responds:

it was very hard to mix this with the surround sound effects that i used on this. i'm glad you liked it though.