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Reviews for "shores of hell revisited"


i liked it it sound like somthing out of doom

Pretty good

The song is good in itself, although I think it would be better if the guitar was a bit cleaner. Otherwise, it would be a great 'melody' song.


Fuck yeah! You truly captured the dark hopeless feeling the original song portrays so nicely. I really like this one.

You should check out my song "- Hybrid -". My own little tribute to Doom aswell as Duke Nukem.

Very nice tune, this one!


Looks like I missed a couple of yours. Sorry man.
Excellent job on the combination of instruments. This was mixed pretty well too.
I liked the feel of this one alot. I thought of walking the path to the gates of hell, with all the minions and demons lining that path, pounding their spears on the ground, in a "welcoming"...haha.

Awesome man.

Thanks for your vote, Bad-Man-Incorporated! You voted 5 for shores of hell revisited, raising its score from 3.75 to 4.00

mhb responds:

yeahy yeahy. thanks for the fiven man. and for bein' able to get the general picture of the song. sometime in the future there will be a final version of this tune. but i'm not givin' away any ideas about it just yet. lets just say that the spear pounding is pretty damn close, not exact, but real damn close.

nice nice

forgot? i never heard of you:////
sounding quite dramatic so fars. melodic content is really solid, shame you can't hear the strings better... yeh, this is the shit, would love to hear a more balanced version, the guitar is too overpowering.
seriously, take the time to re-mix this, it would be well good

mhb responds:

thanks. i'm glad you liked it. sometime soon i'll have properly mixed and mastered tracks on here instead of the rough drafts. i hope ta hear from ya then too.