Reviews for "-Pain Engine-"

It's Drumstep, and finishes in DnB, I love it <3

Good. One more song in favorites, one more author to follow

It's a good song, but not great. Part of what makes you the best is that you kind of meant it that way.

I still like your cheerful, chirpy, fast tunes better, but I really can't complain. :)

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! I need a healthy mix of both in my musical diet :)

I dunno what this other guy is on about. This is angry, this is loud, this is fun as hell. Maybe it's not my absolute favorite but who cares about that? Enjoyable enough for two plays in a row & I expect it won't be the last. I hope to see more tunes with such loose angry styles from you.

Waterflame responds:

Thank you! :) They will pop up on occasion, for sure! It wont be the last time I feel like this, haha.

Oh my god. I wasn't expecting it to start the way it did :O

Pros: Well, I gotta say, you still keep that 80's FM sound. That's one defining feature of your music. This is a good pace. Around 175 bpm. While I was listening to it, I wasn't even sure that you made it. It sounds so different, and just goes to show how much you innovate. That key change in the middle was friggin' awesome. The fact that you built this off of some of your other old tracks just shows how you don't just release everything you make. Certain times, a track will die, so it's best not to marry the idea. You used a DnB breakbeat which I love.

Cons: While I couldn't see many, there were a few more notable ones. Starting out, that intro sting was kinda creepy. It didn't detract too much, but I fear that some people may have some issues with it. I wouldn't be surprised if you actually named this something like Paranoia instead, because that's what I feel while listening to this. The drums were a little too quiet in sections of this. I think you kind of overused the dramatic stings in this. The song seemed a little noisy, and I had troubles following along. This isn't a very memorable track to me. There could have been more of a melody to it, instead of being the way it turned out.

While I won't say this is a bad track, it's definitely not your best. I've seen much better from you. Ya know: Cluttterfunk (1 and 2), Hexagon Force, Sunwalker, and many more to name. This one doesn't have a signature Waterflame style that I can make out, and that is a huge loss to me. So, as much as I hate to do this, 3.5/5. I'm sorry, it doesn't appeal my tastes.


Waterflame responds:

Thanks for the great and constructive review! This track was literally made out of frustration, stress and nerves. So every time I tried to structure it I was dragged back to making it more chaotic. I wanted it to sound like it is almost falling apart, but keeps going anyway.